Shanghai Vanguard Composites Technique Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Pudong district. It is a professional technical company which specializes in the development of robot winding machine,high-performance and multi-axis filament winding machine, pultrusion machine, pipe production line. The company has many years of experience in developing of FRP forming equipment, especially in computer controlled field which takes the lead of introducing concept of position-controlled so that it can greatly improve the control accuracy of winding machine, meeting the requirements of high-performance FRP product. During the "Tenth Five Year" period, we cooperated with Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and toke on the National “863” project “fiber placement machine with seven axes” which we worked on together has passed the acceptance, successfully creating the first 7-axis automatic fibre placement machine in China. Our company’s project “The mew winding machine with automatic fibre placement function” has been funded by Shanghai Innovation Fund and has successfully passed the acceptance. In 2010, our company developed 5-axis computer-controlled elbow winding machine which was the first one in China, making the industrial production of Non equal diameter revolving body into reality. In 2012, our company worked on the Major research projects of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, “ Pultrusion process and equipment research of thermoplastic carbon fibre composite ”. In 2013, The Innovation Fund project “5-axis computer-controlled elbow winding machine with constant tension” which was rewarded by Ministry of Science and Technology has successfully passed the acceptance.. In 2014, our company developed 8-axis robot winding machine and won the innovative-product awards on the China Composite Expo 2014. In 2016, our company developed 16-axis winding machine with two winding units which make different reinforced materials continuously winding to the special-shaped mold at the same time into reality and sells successfully. In 2016, our company successfully developed robot tape placement machine and applied it to a specific type. Since the foundation of the company, we have designed and manufactured various type of high-performance, mutli-axis, mutli-spindle computer-controlled winding machine and pipe production line. Our products have been sold worldwide, including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and the other east-south Asian countries and districts. Our company’s products are widely used in chemical, coal, electricity, environmental protection and some other fields which have proved quality stability by our customers, and they can satisfy various requirements of industrial production. Our company currently has many invention patents and won the first class prize of National Defense Science and Technology Progress.

Shanghai ICP License NO. 05024535-1